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Girl Power Revival

Chester based fitness guru Claire Sutcliffe and martial arts expert Amanda Taylor have teamed up for a Girl Power revival in the city aimed at equipping women of all ages with the basics in self defence.


The dynamic duo decided to set up a personal safety and fitness course for females after reading about an assault of a young woman by thugs in the city centre.


Claire who runs Time2Train fitness and therapy said: “When I read about the latest assault on a woman walking alone it made me realise that there must be a lot of women out there who are really concerned about personal safety.


“How many of them feel that they lack the physical strength to defend themselves and what would they do if they were faced with a physical attack. So I decided to see if I could put together a course to help women of all ages and set out to find a self defence expert to join me.


“I tracked down Amanda at AHT Self Defence and she wholeheartedly agreed to get involved. As well as being a self defence instructor she is also a fifth Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate with 24 years experience, so her input is priceless.”


The first four week course begins at the Johnson Fitness Centre in Boughton on Saturday mornings starting Aug 19 at 10 am (26th Aug, 2nd & 9th Sept).  A further evening course starts on Monday 25th September 6pm - 7pm at Northgate Arena and will run for 4 weeks (25th Sept,  2nd, 9th & 16th October).  The 4 week course at Northgate Arena costs £30 per person. To book please call Claire on 07834 494818.


Amanda said: “There are a number of useful skills and tricks that we can pass onto women to both reduce the risk of attack or help them escape an attack. For instance, I wonder how many women realise their body posture can mark them out as a potential victim.


“We want to help women remain calm and able to think clearly when facing dangerous situations. After all, how many women would know how to react if they were grabbed from behind by their hair? We can help them develop the skills to escape.”


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