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I stopped smoking which is something I am really proud of, but unfortunately with that came eating more and putting on almost 2 stone. I tried different diets, went to Weight Watchers for several months and just wasn’t able to shift the weight. At my lowest point of frustration my husband suggested getting help. He had heard about Claire from a friend and asked her to come for a chat.

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Immediatley I saw the benefit of having a personal trainer.  As my job is stressful I look forward to spending my leisure time in peace; so having somebody come to my home once a week instead of forcing myself to go to some crowded, loud and busy gym was veru attractivet. It is not cheap to have, but I think of every hour of Claire training me as an investment in my health and fitness. I get what I pay for and don’t pay a stupid monthly gym fee with a contract I can’t get out of when I have had enough.

Thanks to Claire and a healthy balanced diet I was able to loose 12 kg in 5 months. Claire motivated me to watch and write down what I ate and to exercise at least 3 times a week. The hour session we have makes me feel exhausted, but very happy to have improved my strength and overall fitness.

For almost two years now Claire has trained with me once a week. We concentrate on circuit training and when I have had a really hard day at work we add in some boxing. I have never been bored by the exercise she makes me do, she has got this fabulous way of making you do familiar exercises, but with slight changes just to challenge you and keep you on your toes.

Apart from the circuit training Claire made me overcome my aversion of running; she really taught me how to run with fun. It has become my early morning routine now at least once a weekend for 50 minutes.

I am really glad that my husband found Claire for me. The training and her motivation has made a huge difference to my weight, fitness and life. Many thanks, Claire! Also for the good company!

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