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I was suffering from a pretty bad back due to bad posture and quite a lot of sport but hardly any structured conditioning exercises. So I decided to get a membership for a gym, and I hated it with a passion. Not only was it noisy, busy and fairly dirty, it also lacked any atmosphere and last but not least the advise given by staff employed to assist you and show you what to do and how to do it – well, most of the time it was not the best. In my case it resulted in even worse back conditions.

So I decided to look for an alternative. And that’s when I met Claire who was highly recommended to me by a friend. And he was right. No gym in the world can offer you Claire’s service. In just 5 minutes your living-room or garden changes into an exercise arena. Weights, gym balls, stepper, ropes, boxing gloves and pads – the complete kaleidoscope of home punishment equipment is waiting to be used by you.

Due to Claire’s experience it does not take her long to figure out what you are capable of doing (or what you perhaps simply do not like to do) and she provides an exercise plan designed for you and your needs and wishes. With Claire showing you how to do it, controlling moves and exercises, correcting you when necessary, motivating you to go this essential bit further than you thought you could, it is a very nice way of modern torture. You simply don’t find any excuses not to exercise any more. Your home is your gym and there is space in the smallest room.

I am quite lazy and appreciate Claire’s focus very much simply because it does me good. My back is much better, my over all fitness is better than ever and the older I get the more I enjoy exercising. Who would have thought so?


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