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Testimonials - A McCann

About two months before my wedding I decided I needed an extra boost to loose those extra pounds and tone up for the big day. This I am sure had a lot to do with me going for a dress fitting and witnessing up close and personal the bingo wing situation. Because my wedding dress was a bustier style it was important to me that my shoulders, arms and back were toned and also my waist to make the most of the ribbons at the back to pull me in even further. I already went to the gym regularly however I had got into a training rut doing the same program week in week out and had got bored with what I was doing. With this in mind I decided to contact a personal trainer who could re-focus my training, motivate me once more and ensure that I did my beautiful dress justice.

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At first it was quite daunting to be weighed, and measured on such a personal basis especially as it is easy to remain in denial for such a long time that you are doing everything you can to tone up on your own. However on meeting Claire we hit it off straight away, she was really personable, and full of energy and enthusiasm of how much we could get done in the remaining ten weeks. Once she had spoken to me and found out exactly what I wanted to get out of the sessions Claire put together a ten week program not only for our sessions but one I could adapt to use at the gym myself. The work outs themselves were certainly challenging and I always felt like I had worked hard at the end of the session but they were fun and Claire kept me motivated throughout, making me do just one more sit up or tricep dip my own personal hate when I would have given up if I was training on my own.

With the weekly sessions, advice on what I should be doing at the gym, on my own and regular checks on how I was responding to the exercises my confidence grew that I could now lose the inches before the big day. It was a real ego boost when people started to notice the difference in my shape even in my ordinary clothes and this even enabled me to be slightly more daring on my hen night costume.

My eating habits were quite good before the ten weeks as I had been on a diet for some time, however with Claire’s guidance I also tried to keep to this more rigidly and also give up my biggest vice ‘Cheese’ for the remaining two months which was very difficult but again worth it.

Having a personal trainer definitely enabled me to get the look I wanted for my big day. It gave me focus to ensure that I kept going to the gym throughout the week in preparation for my next session with Claire and also with the one to one tuition it enabled the sessions to be focused exactly to my needs so if a problem area was harder to tackle than the others we would work on those for longer. Claire enabled me to keep focused, motivated and I enjoyed our weekly sessions together, although I knew it would be hard work I always used to look forward to her arrival and us getting started. 

On the day itself the hard work both me and Claire had put in definitely paid off and the dress fitted perfectly, without a bingo wing in sight. I also managed to loose a couple of inches off my waist and finally it gave me the confidence to feel like a true bride worthy of her dress.

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