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Melinda Jenkins 2008

I stopped smoking which is something I am really proud of, but unfortunately with that came eating more and putting on almost 2 stone.  I tried different diets, went to Weight Watchers for several months and just wasn’t able to shift the weight. At my lowest point of frustration my husband suggested getting help. He had heard about Claire from a friend and asked her to come for a chat.

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Sven Keller 2008

I was suffering from a pretty bad back due to bad posture and quite a lot of sport but hardly any structured conditioning exercises. So I decided to get a membership for a gym, and I hated it with a passion. Not only was it noisy, busy and fairly dirty, it also lacked any atmosphere and last but not least the advise given by staff employed to assist you and show you what to do and how to do it – well, most of the time it was not the best. In my case it resulted in even worse back conditions.  So I decided to look for an alternative. And that’s when I met Claire who was highly recommended to me by a friend.

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Time2Train Mums Baby & Buggy Club Feedback

'I really enjoyed coming along to Claire's Mums and Buggy classes. It was great to get out and have some fun with other mums, and my baby enjoyed the fresh air. It's also an encouraging way to start the process of getting fit after giving birth. 6 months after having my baby, I'm now back into my normal clothes and feeling great!'  Shana

Alison McCann Testimonial Summer 2005

About two months before my wedding I decided I needed an extra boost to loose those extra pounds and tone up for the big day. This I am sure had a lot to do with me going for a dress fitting and witnessing up close and personal the bingo wing situation.
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Paul Graham Testimonial Summer 2007

I contacted Claire after seeing her out with one of my friends on a training run and thought what a great idea it would be to have a personnel trainer.  I had stopped doing any physical exercise three years ago after hurting my back in a bad fall, before the fall I used to go circuit training a couple of times a week.
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