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Interview with Claire

What made you want to become a Personal Trainer?
I’ve always been interested in keeping fit and healthy and this seemed a natural progression. I also wanted to use my natural enthusiasm to help motivate people who are struggling to maintain their fitness programme.
What hours do you work?
The hours I have worked in the past been a little crazy! But with the recent arrival of my little boy the early mornings and late evenings are a thing of the past and I train my clients during the day, but no two days are ever the same.
What type of training do you enjoy?
I am a Triathlete so Swimming, Biking and Running are favourites along with mountain biking in North Wales with my partner Steve, as I love being out in the fresh air.   I also enjoy going out with my friends, cooking and socialising.
Are you a member of any sport clubs? 
I am a member of Chester Triathlon Club and am also the Coaching Co-Ordinator for the Club.  Triathlon training is an ideal combination for achieveing total body fitness.  It also satisfies my competitive streak as I love taking part in the races.

What has been your highlight in terms of sporting achievements so far? 

In 2010 I qualified for the ETU Triathlon European Championships Standard Distance, so will be racing in Spain in June 2011.

What are your favourite snacks during the day?
As I’m travelling between clients my snacks have to be convenient so I often eat apples, bananas and I carry “sesame snaps” for an energy fix.  I like to eat every couple of hours as I regularly exercise along side my clients so I have to keep my energy levels stable. 
If you are desperate for a sweet fix what do you eat?
I always have dates in the cupboard and I love mangos and Kiwi fruit.
What would I find in your shopping trolley?
Porridge oats, kiwi fruit, pineapple, mango, egg noodles, fish, chicken, wholemeal pasta, apple juice and as an occasional treat my favourite organic chocolate Green & Blacks!



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